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…and they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost

Acts 6:5

Anytime I read how the Bible describes Steven I am inspired. A man full of faith and the Holy Ghost! Christianity is an active and a vibrant move of the Word and Spirit of God in a man. When you give yourself wholly to the Word and Spirit of God this becomes your description. You bounce in the Word of God giving glory to God though you don’t see it.

Too many Christians are cold in their faith; they always need to be fired up severally before they can use their faith then after they go back to bed in their faith. They always need to be persuaded concerning the word of God then they can act somehow.

This is not the way of men of faith. Concerning Abraham, the Father of faith, the Bible says He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief. To stagger and think twice about the said word of God is not being full of faith. That is not like Abraham our father. Abraham believed God and was strong in faith giving glory to God. He was bouncing in faith concerning the word of God. The Bible said He was fully persuaded! He didn’t need anyone to encourage or convince him of God’s Word and integrity.

This is the way every Christian must live and be described. Be full of faith and the Holy Ghost. Take the Word of God as it is and jump on it not requiring any physical sign at all and your life will be an unending stream of the miraculous. Shake your world by your faith and the Holy Ghost! Stephen was not an apostle but He did great wonders and miracles among the people (Acts 6:8) because He was full of Faith. From today speak the word of God boldly over your life and others by faith and see miracles happening. Refuse to see the situation be fully convinced of the Word of God. Remember Stephen proved every Christian can do what the Apostles did and that includes you!



I am full of Faith and the Holy Ghost. I speak the Word of God boldly over people and my life giving glory to God. I don’t draw back at oppositions. I work wonders and miracles everywhere anywhere anytime!


Eph 5:18, Acts 11:24


Ruth 1-4, Luke 11:29-54


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