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Day 342| December 7, 2020 | Apostle Gideon C Boateng


for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost

Luke 19:10

Typically many Christians who do witnessing prefer people who are calm, polite and gentle to approach. They prefer to approach individuals who appear godly to the ones who appear to be in sin. For example in a work side evangelism, many Christians will rather approach the worker who is hard working but doesn’t go to church than the one noted for womanizing and drunkenness. You will be surprised to find out that no one may ever approach the one noted for womanizing. They will start with the one who seems to be religious and neglect the one they think is totally lost. But this was not the Lord’s approach.

Although the master knew the Pharisees and the religious leaders were also missing God in many things just as the prostitutes and the tax collectors, He chose to minister to the worst most of the time. He was interested in the lost than those who seemed to be religious. This is different from the witnessing many do today. If a person was noted for evil that person becomes less likely to be ministered to today. Sometimes Christians who draw closer to such people are even vilified because they are considered unworthy and partakers of their sins.

But think about this. How do we expect such people to be ministered to if no one is willing to draw closer to them? This is unlike Jesus. Let’s go for the lost of the gospel. Reach out to the worst of sinners today because they are the reason the master came. How do you expect Zacchaeus to be saved if Jesus wouldn’t go to him? Although Jesus was attacked by religious people for going, He succeeded at winning the sinner.

Let’s do whatever it takes to get to the lost. They need the gospel just as the seemingly religious people we see around. If Jesus reached out to the hardened of them, then we must do same. We must live seeking and saving the lost. No one is too sinful for God. The blood of Jesus can handle all sins.



I am an ambassador of the gospel. I reach out to everybody especially the lost. No one is too bad for God and there is no one Jesus can’t save.


Ez 34:16, Rom 5:6


Daniel 9-10, 2 John 1


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