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Day 280| 7 OCTOBER 2021 | Apostle Gideon C Boateng


The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Ps 23:1

A shepherd is a person responsible for caring and guiding a group of people or animals. As a shepherd boy, King David tendered his father’s sheep with passion (1 Sam 17:15, 20, 34-37). When the sheep were attacked by a lion and a bear, He risked His life to deliver the sheep from them and even killed the lion and the bear when they attacked him. What He demonstrated as a shepherd helped him understand what it means to have a shepherd.

The Lord Jesus spoke of who a real shepherd is; John 10:11-12 "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep. But a hireling, he who is not the shepherd, one who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees; and the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them”. The difference between the good and the hired shepherd is their response when there is trouble. From Jesus, we can see David was a good shepherd because He sacrificed his life to save the sheep. But his goodness as a shepherd doesn’t come closer to the Lord’s.

The Lord is the greatest shepherd ever when it comes to guarding and caring for you. He proved it by giving up his life for you. If He could give you himself, is there anything He would hide or keep from you? There’s nothing God will keep from you! That’s why the Lord says throw all your doubts and problems on him and refuse to worry because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7). There’s no point living a life of struggle as if you don’t have a shepherd in this world, the Lord is your shepherd.

As your shepherd, the Lord makes sure you don’t want in life. He makes you to lie down in green pastures. You don’t need to struggle to find greener pastures, it is the work of your shepherd. The sheep don’t look for their food it is the shepherd who looks for it and sends them to it. If there’s any problem you are facing today, talk to the Lord Jesus your shepherd about it He cares for you more than you can care for yourself!



The Lord is my shepherd, He caters for all that concerns me. I never worry about anything but commit them to the Lord.


Isaiah 40:11, Jer 23:4, John 10:11


Isaiah 34-36, Philippians 2



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