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Day 8 | January 8, 2021 | Apostle Gideon C Boateng


But the following night the Lord stood by him and said, "Be of good cheer, Paul; for as you have testified for Me in Jerusalem, so you must also bear witness at Rome."

Acts 23:11

The story of Apostle Paul and his persecutions from the Jewish leaders is an interesting one. It teaches us the surety of God’s word. If God has said anything to you, you can put your life on it and you will be sure it will never fail. In the case of Paul as we saw in our opening verse, the Lord told him to be cheerful and that He will testify of him in Rome just as He did in Jerusalem. The leaders wanted him dead but Jesus said He will live to testify more of him even in Rome.

Just the next day over 40 Jews conspired to kill Paul vowing they were not going to eat until Paul was dead but the Word of the Lord is sure. Paul and the soldiers protecting him were not aware there was a plot to lie in wait and kill him but God spoilt the plan by making Paul’s sister's son hear of the conspiracy. By reporting to the chief captain, Paul was rescued and transferred from the region immediately.

After two years without being released, the jews still wanted the Apostle dead so they kept mounting pressure on the governors to kill him. Paul finally appealed to Caesar in Rome. In travelling to Rome their ship got wrecked and the soldiers wanted to kill Paul for him not to escape but He was saved again. They finally landed on a land called Melita.

On the island of Melita, a venomous viper bit the Apostle but the Word of the Lord that He will testify in Rome was sure. The serpent couldn’t kill him but rather the viper died. The Word of God is stronger than anything we can lay hold on naturally and it is the surest thing in the earth. All these that the Apostle went through and didn't die is proof that the Word of God is dependable. If your life is founded on the Word of God one thing is certain, no storm can put you down. You are a sign and wonder.



The Word of the Lord is sure to me. No one word of God to me shall fail! My life is eternally founded the word of God.


Gen 20-22, Matt 7



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